Greenland Oil Spill Response participated in the catastrophe emergency exercise LIVEX 2016 in Nuuk, which is the largest contingency excersise ever held in Greenland

The scenary for the excercise was a collission in Nuup Kangerlua (Godthåbsfjorden), where a search and rescue of passengers and crew was initiated. Then came the chemical and oil emission to water.

Greenland Oil Spill Response participated in the onshore response action connected to the oil spill. From GOSR 14 staff members were in action, wereas 11 of those was oil spill responder volunteers, who are currently finishing their basic training.
GOSR was in action in 3 days during the excercise., and they worked through and well with completing their goals that were set before starting.

For more information

Managing Director: Klaus Kuch Jensen
+299 325245

LIVEX was held from 28th of May to 31th of May.

How many
Around 350 excercise participants, actors and planners from the Military of Danmark, Danish Emergency Management, Police, Home Guard and the Greenlandic authorities.

The LIVEX 2016 is the Rigsfælleskabet (The Danish Realms) excercise in Greenland, with a purpose to enhance and strenghten the Greenlandic and Danish emergency preparedness abilities to coordinate and handle an extraordinary event on a strategic, operatinal and tactical level.

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