12 of Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd.’s Volunteer Oil Spill Responders were away on exercise during the weekend May 24th – 26th 2019. The Exercise took place near Qooqqut in the Nuuk Fjord.

The exercise simulated an oil spill close to shore. The volunteers had to delimit and capture the oil spill before spreading. The exercise consisted of theoretical lessons as well as practical training in usage of oil spill equipment such as shore booms, skimmers, air blowers and pumps. A total of 125 meters shore booms was used.

The exercise went well, and all participants expressed to have had a good experience and gained useful knowledge. During the exercise the Volunteer Oil Spill Responders were visited by the by the local and national press, as well as the Danish Emergency Management Agency.


Photo: Toke Brødsgaard

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