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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors of Greenland Oil Spill Response

Hanne Berthels

Chairman of the Board

Member of the board since the establishment of the company in 2012

- Chief Controller, Air Greenland

- Other positions of trust:None at the moment

- Competences: Management accounting, business economics, extenisve knowledege to Greenlandic market conditions, project management and strategival development

- Qualifications: General Management Programme (CEDEP, Insead), National economics (Ilisimatusarfik), statistics (Ilisimatusarfik), Merkonom business economy (Ilisimatusarfik), 20+ years of experience with management acoounting and business economy at Air Greeenland.(Ilisimatusarfik), 20+ år med økonomistyring og driftsøkonomi i Air Greenland.

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Kristine Lange Lyberth


Managing Director / CPH Business Academy

- Other positions of trust: None at the moment

- Competences: Shipping industry and business development, logistics and sales globally, in-depth knowledge of global logistics in shipping.

- Qualifications: Key Account Manager / CPH Business Academy, BIMCO Shipping School, Global Logistics in the Shipping Industry

The members of the Board of Directors receive a fixed annual fee of currently; DKK 50,000 for the members, DKK 75.000 for the vice-chairman and DKK 150.000 for the Chairman. The fee is in compliance with the owner’s recommendations for companies of the same category as Greenland Oil Spill Response. No employee representatives have been appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors in Greenland Oil Spill Response holds four ordinary Board meetings annually. The Board of Directors performs an annual “self- evaluation” and notifies the owner, the Government of Greenland of the result and its recommendation.