IMO Level 1. training for oil spill fighters

Saturday, October 2 – Sunday, October 3, 2021. Course for Oil Spill Fighters.

GOSR held course and training for new and experienced oil spill fighters v. Richard Tatner, Blue Petrel Consulting Ltd.

The course lasted over two days with a total of 13 volunteer oil spill fighters from GOSR.

The course was a success and all 13 completed the course and received a certificate for, Shoreline & Offshore Oil Spill Equipment Deployment.

Arctic Light 2021

Saturday, November 6 – Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

Exercise, Arctic Light. GOSR participated in November 2021 in the exercise Arctic Light 2021.

The exercise aimed to develop and train the Arctic Command’s ability to deploy the Emergency Response Force (ABS) and strengthen the Armed Forces’ task solution in Greenland in the event of an extraordinary incident.

GOSR contributed to the exercise with personnel who were responsible for handling the AKO environmental container and laying out the buoyancy barrier during the exercise.

GOSR enters agreement on Strengthened Marine Environment Preparedness in Greenland

The Government of Greenland and the Defense Command of Denmark have entered into a Cooperation Agreement on shared resources to help strengthen the Marine Environment Preparedness in Greenland.

Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd. will be responsible for the operational implementation of the agreement. Among others, GOSR will contribute with the following:

  • Access to 24-hour emergency phone,
  • The right to incorporate GOSR’s Oil Spill Equipment in the Defense’s Emergency Preparedness Plans in Greenland,
  • Storage of the Defense’s Oil Spill Response Equipment on GOSR’s bases in Greenland (For now, in Nuuk and Aasiaat),
  • Maintenance of the Defense’s Oil Spill Response Equipment at GOSR’s bases in Greenland.

Finally, the Agreement allows for joint exercises between the Defense’s personnel and GOSR’s Semi-Volunteer Oil Spill Responders.

Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd. looks forward to the cooperation.

GOSR Joins ARCSAR’s External Advisory Board

The ARCSAR Network consists of 21 partners in 13 different countries and was established with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme for a 5-year period from 2018 – 2023.

The ARCSAR Network brings together stakeholders representing SAR practitioners, industry and research from the Arctic and North-Atlantic region. The ARCSAR network will aim at preparing regional stakeholders to cope with the Security and Safety threats that will result from increased commercial activity in the region including traffic through the Northern passages, cruise traffic, and offshore oil and gas activity. ARCSAR will identify the need for innovation within SAR and oil spill capacities, among other relevant areas.

GOSR has joined the ARCSAR Network’s External Advisory Board as of October 2019.

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GOSR holds IMO certified On-Scene Commander Course

Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd. and its long-standing cooperation partner Blue Petrel Consulting Ltd. have jointly held the IMO (International Marine Organization) certified course ‘IMO Level 2 – Response to Oil Spills for Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders’. The course took place in Nuuk from September 29th to October 2nd 2019.

The Primary role for the On-Scene Commander is to coordinate response efforts in the event of an oil spill. Among other things, an On-Scene Commander must be able to identify and implement the best possible response strategy to any type of oil spill.

The course consisted of theoretical lessons as well as two days of practical exercises. One day was onshore clean up of a coastal area following a spill. The following day’s training consisted of deploying booms offshore and sailing formations between two vessels.

7 course participants completed the course; including 4 participants from Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd. and 3 participants from relevant government agencies.


13 Volunteer Oil Spill Responders renewed their CPR First Aid Certificates

13 of Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd.’s Volunteer Oil Spill Responders have just renewed their First Aid Certificates. A First Aid Certificate issued by the Red Cross is valid for 2 years.

The courses took place in Aasiaat and Nuuk on Sunday July 21st 2019, and were conducted in Greenlandic and Danish respectively.

GOSR would like to thank Red Cross Greenland for their cooperation on this matter

The picture below shows some the Volunteer Oil Spill Responders participating in the course in Nuuk.


Excercise in the Nuuk Fjord – May 2019

12 of Greenland Oil Spill Response Ltd.’s Volunteer Oil Spill Responders were away on exercise during the weekend May 24th – 26th 2019. The Exercise took place near Qooqqut in the Nuuk Fjord.

The exercise simulated an oil spill close to shore. The volunteers had to delimit and capture the oil spill before spreading. The exercise consisted of theoretical lessons as well as practical training in usage of oil spill equipment such as shore booms, skimmers, air blowers and pumps. A total of 125 meters shore booms was used.

The exercise went well, and all participants expressed to have had a good experience and gained useful knowledge. During the exercise the Volunteer Oil Spill Responders were visited by the by the local and national press, as well as the Danish Emergency Management Agency.


Photo: Toke Brødsgaard


Greenland Oil Spill Response, a company established by the Greenland Government, based in Nuuk, has as of the 4th February 2019 appointed its new Managing Director.
In the summer of 2013 the Greenland Government decided to establish the company Greenland Oil Spill Response as a 100 percent government owned company. The objects of the company are to carry on activities relating to oil pollution preparedness, oil pollution response, environmental clean-up of oil pollution and any other related activity within the mineral resource area in Greenland.


The long term goal is to develop the company as an active oil spill response company in accordance with international standard.


As new Managing Director the company has employed 32-year-old Klaus Kuch Jensen, former Acting Head of the License Department at the Minerals Licence and Safety Authority (Government of Greenland) in Nuuk. Klaus Kuch Jensen holds a Master’s degree in International Development Studies and has in his former job with the Minerals License and Safety Authority held a wide range of responsibilities relating to licensing, permitting, negotiation and compliance procedures. Before working for the Government of Greenland, Klaus Kuch Jensen worked as a consultant to other Mineral Resource Authorities, including those of Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Zambia.


The BOD has high expectations to the new MD and are fully confident that the tasks and challenges will be solved to the highest standards and that the new MD will be able to take Greenland Oil Spill Response to the next level both in Greenland and in the international market.


The Board of Directors are Mr. Steen O. Hansen, Mrs. Oddbjørg Greiner, and Mrs. Hanne Berthels,

Misleading sensational journalism on online newspaper

Based on a so called § 37 question raised in the Greenlandic Parlament, the online newspaper choose to publish an article under a headline that is best translated as “Greenland Oil Spill Response at the verge of bankruptcy”.

Bankruptcy is a legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay the debts it owes to creditors. In most jurisdictions, bankruptcy is imposed by a court order, often initiated by a creditor.

Greenland Oil Spill Response has a healthy cash flow and has no trouble paying its creditors and is furthermore without any debts.
The § 37 question wanted to know about the company’s debt, cash flow and future prospects. The reality is that oil companies are not particularly willing to invest at the time being and that a number of exclusive licenses off the west coast of Greenland has announced their relinquishment. Therefore, the management of Greenland Oil Spill Response has been in close dialogue with the owners; the Government of Greenland since the beginning of 2016, in regards to the company’s future.

It is correct that if there is no change in the company; cash will eventually run out at the beginning of 2018. That said; the company has an equity of almost DKK 20 million in the form of oil spill response equipment and is debt free. So to claim that Greenland Oil Spill Response balances on the verge of bankruptcy is incorrect.

Greenland Oil Spill Response is currently in close dialogue with the Government of Greenland in regards to the future of the company and has great expectations to find a way forward that will benefit both the company and Greenland. Greenland Oil Spill Response possesses a considerable amount of oil spill response equipment and several semi-volunteer oil spill responders which will be of great importance to the Greenlandic environment in case of a major oil spill.

At the same time it has to mentioned that the stakeholders believes in the future of Greenland Oil Spill Response; the company is part of an EU-funded environmental project which will run for the next two years and the oil industry has chosen to sponsor new equipment and the training of oil spill responders in 2016.

For the 2015 Annual Report, please see: HERE
For “§ 37 questions” and answers, see:

Qassimiuaarneq 2016

The 30th of June 2016, Greenland Oil Spill Response participated in the Qassimiuaarneq public debate event in Nuuk to discuss the themes about security and preparedness in Greenland

Managing Director Lonnie Wilms participated the panel discussion on behalf of GOSR along with Head of Contingency for Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq Knud Petersen, Chief of Police in Greenland Bjørn Bay and Lieutenant Commander from Arktisk Kommando Nils Westergaard. Professor Uffe Jakobsen from Ilisimatusarfik, the University of Greenland, was the moderator of the panel.

Based on the new defence-analysis for the Arctic, in which it recommends that the use of volunteering in the Greenlandic security and preparedness area to be increased, the panel gave their insight and stance on the subject.

There was a general agreement among the panel that the Greenlandic population very much would like to help in emergency situations, but they’ve found it hard to organize the volunteering, which is also expressed that both the fire-brigade and Greenland Oil Spill Response is finding it difficult to recruit the amount of volunteers they need for their organisation, it therefore raised concerns among the police, the fire-brigade and Greenland Oil Spill Response that it would make it more difficult to find volunteers for their organisations if a new volunteering organisation would occur.

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