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Photograph: Toke Brødsgaard

Oil Containment Booms

Troil Boom AF750PU

In stock: 280 x 20m

Troil boom AF750PU is a lightweight rapid response boom designed to provide simple and effective oil spill containment for: -Harbours and marinas, enclosed coastal waters, rivers, estuaries, API separators, industrial ponds and lagoons.

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Photograph: Toke Brødsgaard

Troil Boom GP750

In stock: 14 x 200m

TROILBOOM GP (“General Purpose”) is a lightweight rapid response boom that is ideal for operations in ports, harbours and inland.

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Troil Boom Beach

In stock: 268 x 10m

The TROILBOOM BEACH is a lightweight versatile shore sealing boom which can be used in all situations apart from rocky shorelines.

TROILBOOM BEACH is a special purpose containment boom that utilises water ballast. The water is pumped into two tubes along the bottom of the boom. This water acts as ballast when the boom is floating; once the boom is stranded these tubes sit on the ground and form a seal. The two fins running the length of the water tubes aid this effect. The TROILBOOM BEACH is able to make the transition between the water and land and prevents the spread of oil in these regions. TROILBOOM BEACH can be deployed on beaches with relatively low waves, swamps, lagoons and other areas where the water level is shallow or changes due to tide, rains or flooding

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DESMI RO-MOP OM140 - Oleofobisk Skimmer System

In stock: 28

The OM140 is a simple but extremely effective and versatile Rope Mop skimmer. The OM140 Rope Mop skimmer is housed in a strong and rugged stainless steel frame. The powered rubber rollers are used to drive the oleophilic mop through the skimmer and squeeze the oil off into the sump or tank.

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Vikoma Mini Vac systems

In stock: 28

The MiniVac system is a lightweight, aluminium, hand portable vacuum recovery system for the collection of spilt oils and floating contaminates. The MiniVac employs safe diesel driven units with the unique ability to split into two parts for ease of . The MiniVac system can be lifted by two people and this makes it ideal for use in remote and inaccessible sites. This includes rocky beaches, ponds & lakes, marshland, harbours and industrial pits. The MiniVac system has been successfully employed in locations all around the globe with emergency response organisations, coast guards, fire brigades and port authorities.

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Vikoma Komara 20

In stock: 28

The Komara 20 skimmer system is a self-contained, versatile oil recovery system, comprising an oleophilic disc skimmer, powerful diesel powerpack, transfer pump and all the associated hoses and connectors. The system will operate in most environments and will recover a wide range of oils at up to 23m3/hr, with more than 98% oil pick-up.

The system can be used in ports and harbours, shoreline operations, coastal waters and almost any similar environment where oils are required to be removed from a water source.

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Temporary containment systems

Fastank 10m3 og 7,5m3

In stock: 20+28

Fastanks are temporary contaiment systems that can be assembled in minutes and are highly efficient for containing oil in connection with an oil spill response. The fastanks adopts to even ground and is easy to clean.

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Chemical dispersants

Dasis Slickgone NS

In stock: 40.000L

Daisc Slickgone NS was preapproved by the Greenland authorities in connection with the exploration drilling programme offshore West Greenland in 2010/2011 and is likewise approved in the United Kingdom, Norway and Australia among others.


Dasic Slickgone NS is one of the world’s best selling Type 2/Type 3 dispersant concentrates and is exceptionally efficient on a broad spectrum of oils and even gives excellent results on high wax content crudes.


Dasic Slickgone NS is also more effective than most dispersants on heavy oils and water-in-oil emulsions (chocolate mousses) even at low temperatures.

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  • Acro absorbent boom bale (90 units)
  • Acro Absorbent pad packs (90 units)
  • Anchor (150 units)
  • PPE (375 sets)
  • Shovels (300 units)
  • Rakes (300 units)